Industrial & Commercial Roller Doors


How much is your roller door worth to your business? Can you put a price on the security it provides? Or calculate the cost of it not opening one weekday morning?


At Active Door Services, we know how valuable roller shutters are to the businesses they protect. That’s why we offer reliable, cost-effective repairs and replacements of industrial and commercial roller doors to clients throughout Melbourne

Commercial Roller Doors

Has your roller door been hit by thieves attempting to break in? Jamming and refusing to open? Our expert team can fix it.


We recognise the importance of appearances, even when your door is closed. Our repairs blend seamlessly with your existing door.

Industrial Roller Doors

There are a multitude of things that can damage industrial doors. Impact damage from forklifts and delivery trucks, corrosion from the industrial processes, and wear from daily use can all take their toll. We offer preventive and restorative services to keep your door opening and shutting.

Our Services

Whether you need a commercial or industrial roller shutter door fixed, call us about our services.
These services include:
– Repairs of moving parts, static components, and the logic control system
– Replacements of either the slats that have been damaged or the entire unit
– Automation with an electric motor built into a new or existing logic system


We’re a small company offering a specialised service that delivers results. With 25 years experience in the industry we can offer the best advice for the speedy and cost-effective repair of your door.

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