Sectional Doors in Melbourne

Constructed of interlocking horizontal panels, sectional doors are extremely strong and an excellent way to protect your business premises. Like every barrier, however, they’re susceptible to the attentions of vandals and thieves, as well as the inattention of vehicles drivers.


When you need repairs for your sectional door in Melbourne, call Active Door Services. We offer reliable, cost effective repairs that will secure your premises quickly.

Our Services

With 25 years of experience, we can repair any type of sectional door, whether the panels are made of mesh, rails, or thermoclear. The sections allow for cost-effective repairs, as only the panel that has been damaged needs to be replaced. Should the damage be more extensive, we can replace the whole door, maintaining the existing structure and logic control system.


We can also repair any of the moving or structural components, such as the rails, springs, cables and hinges. We stock quality parts from ATA AXESS PRO and GRIFCO door drives.

Why Choose Us

At Active Doors, we only work with commercial and industrial doors. As a specialised company, we can offer more cost and time effective solutions for problems with sectional doors; our staff have years of experience working with all manner of doors and can quickly identify and remedy problems.


We offer our service for sectional doors across Melbourne – call us for a quote today.

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