At Active Door Services, we service a wide range of commercial and industrial doors, specialising in repairs and replacements.

Common Faults

Commercial and industrial doors frequently exhibit many of the same faults and can be easily repaired by our experienced technicians.

Safety Checks

Being large and heavy, steel roller doors and other units can present a significant safety hazard. To ensure the safety of your staff, customers, and the public, book in for a safety check today.

Motor & Door Repairs

We can replace all components of door facings, including slats, panels, and curtains. We can also repair a range of motors, including ATA AXESS PRO and GRIFCO door drives.

Preventative Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Prevent breakdowns with our regular preventative maintenance service, where all moving parts and electrical components are checked.

Motorisation / Automation

Remove the hard work and dangers of a manually operated door with our automation service. We can automate your door by installing a motor to do all the hard work, with a logic control system wired into remote controls.

Door Replacements

Whether your door has been the victim of an impact damage accident or has simply worn out, we can replace the whole door in a quick and efficient manner.


There are a myriad of problems that can occur within the electrical system responsible for operating your door – with years of experience, our technicians can quickly identify and resolve any issue.

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