Preventive Maintainance

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Preventative maintenance is the servicing of commercial and industrial doors at regular intervals to keep them operating at their peak. To operate efficiently, a door needs to have as little load as possible on the drive system and as little resistance as possible on the moving parts.


Active Door Services have a wealth of experience in a range of commercial and industrial doors, enabling us to keep your door operating at its best.  We offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance service that includes lubricating moving and wearing parts, adjusting spring and chain tension, and adjusting programmable drive settings.


Most agreements for commercial properties place the responsibility of regular maintenance and safety checks on the lease holder. For high-duty cycle doors – such as those in car parks – it is recommended maintenance takes place every three months. For lower duty cycle doors, this interval extends to 12 months.


To book in your doors for preventative maintenance, call us today on 0477 299 780.

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