Safety Checks

As with any mechanical asset, commercial and industrial doors have moving parts that can wear, fatigue and loosen. To ensure the safety of your building, staff, and the public, book in for a Safety Check to identify the early signs of trouble.


A Safety Check is a thorough inspection of the door’s moving, wearing, aligning, and structural components. Our comprehensive Safety Checks examine the bearings, bushes, wheels, hinges, pulleys, springs, cables, tracks, guides, drive, fittings, and fixings.


As with a service, lubricant is applied to moving parts where necessary.


Recommended Safety Checking Intervals


The recommended servicing and safety check intervals are:


  • Every 12 months for lower duty cycle doors, such as factory, warehouse, and loading dock doors
  • Every 3 months for high-duty cycle and car park doors


The majority of commercial property lease agreements place the responsibility on the tenant to ensure the doors undergo regular safety checks.


To book in a Safety Check for commercial or industrial doors, call us today on 0477 299 780.

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